Eco Camp, Eco-Living Camp!

Ultra Jaya
Teh Kotak

Sr. Elly Verrijt, MMS
Pendamping Spiritualitas Ekologi

Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


We live in a very special time. A time of great hope for some and a time of doomsday for others. A time for development and economic growth for many and rightly so, and a time of vision for a sustainable life in harmony with the Earth and her life for others. The growth of the economy cannot be reached when the environment is more and more damaged.

A new vision is needed on how we all can move into the future together: Earth, her life and all people who live now and in the near future. It is not a matter anymore of solving the ecological crisis and restoring the damage that has taken place already.

It is time for realists who will solve the problems of the world with money and practical solutions and a time for wise people who dream in connection with what is happening to the Earth and the environment today and will work together to make a community of life happen in harmony and peace.

We need a change from being focused on the problems of the environment and how to solve them, towards how to help the Earth and all her life to be able to function so that we all can live well. Not in wealth but in well being. A matter of change to ecological values.

What time is it now for Indonesia, the nation? For the environment, damaged and struggling to continue to provide what the fast growing number of people ask for, now and in the future. What time is it for the young people and the children and what can we tell them when they ask us about their chances of the future? What they can live for and what to spend their lives for?

Where will the perspectives, the light and insight come from to move toward the future; a sustainable community, a healthy environment, a place where each person can live with what is needed for a decent life and not with what our needy eyes want to obtain?

It is time for a center to learn, to study, to reflect, to hope and share. To learn to live in harmony with Ibu Pertiwi. Eco Learning Camp, Eco Living Camp!


Again and again it happens that places of light appear on Earth. All over the world people find each other in a new vision, a new hope, a new understanding of who they are, why they are here and live in this time of great transitions and changes and where to go from the present situation in to the future. People who carry light, hope and can look further than the problems and the confusion of our days. People with a great vision.

Such a place of light is Eco Learning Camp. It took a longtime of preparation, a long journey of searching, trying, enthusiasm, expertise and most of all of deep compassion for the children of our Earth and their future. Many people have already been touched by the love of Mother Earth for each creature and have grown in their love for Ibu Pertiwi: in a very concrete way. The love and dedication of the people who have started Eco Learning Camp has made this happen.

And people have come, drawn by the vision, the love and the sense of responsibility that is there. People of all walks of life, different religions, different ages. People are already drawn to this place and in the near future their number will only grow. They are workers spreading light, hope and their dedication gives hope to those who have lost perspective and do not know where to go. We will move forward, with a deepened vision: to be a place where people can come with their questions, not just questions about the environment but about our call in the present time of ecological crisis. Where we can find new values, new insights about how to live a balanced life in the Earth Community. There is space for the spiritual quest that lies deeply hidden in the hearts of our young and not so young. Where we will celebrate the story of creation and heal our broken relationship with the web of life.

It will be a place of study; study of the ways of the Earth and the Cosmos. Sources of scientific insight will teach us wisdom, endurance and wonder. In that sense Eco Learning Camp will be a place of hope for a better future. A place where we will meet one another and sense the tremendous power we have to make the changes in our personal life and in our way of living with the Earth that are needed. We will support each other and learn from each other.

It is a place to train the leaders of the future. Not so much by courses, but by understanding the ways of the Earth and be inspired by this. The real leaders in this ecological time are those who understand what is happening to the Earth and her life. Leadership skills are rooted in new ecological understanding.


Lets us build this place, feel invited. Just ask yourself what you can give from what you have. Imagine that all the money that could be made available if you own it, is for this better future for the Earth, the quality of life of our children, the vision and hope that we will develop here. It will bring so much fruits, if it is offered to the life of the Earth, the only source of life that we depend on. The money is for building strong relationships among people of good will, those who are growing into more and more awareness of what one person can do for the whole community of life.

If you feel you can give, then give it because you are needed in the circle. Because the Earth has given you the opportunity to earn and own it and now you can give something back to Ibu Pertiwi.

Then fundraising is fundraising, friends of the Eco Learning Camp, friends of the community of life, friends of the future of Ibu Pertiwi, friends of beautiful Indonesia.

In love and respect for our journey together. In great trust: God is with us…